Welcome to RealCommunityOnline

If you are looking for the best way to put your club or church online, you have found it!

You are invited to explore the features of RealCommunityOnline to determine if it is the solution for your organization.

RealCommunityOnline is a turnkey solution to enable you to bring your members together.  RealCommunityOnline features all the applications needed to organize, inform and motivate your members.
  • Mailing List
  • Forum
  • Classified Ads
  • Calendar
  • Publications
  • Announcements
  • Photo Gallery
  • Membership Directory
  • Polls
  • Resource Scheduling

There is no software to install, no Internet hosting to find.  Your only task is entering your memberhip data.  If you have an existing web site, it is easy to link to RealCommunityOnline.com and for us to link back to your site. Technical expertise is not required of your members or administrators to use the site.

You can select which features are available to non-member visitors to your RealCommunityOnline site.  You select those of your members who you wish to be able to modify features on your site.  Your URL on RealCommunityOnline.com is yours alone and may be published or linked from your existing web site.

RealCommunityOnline integrates all features and requires only a single login to access all of them.  Members' email addresses are used for login (in addition to a password), and this makes it easier for them to remember.

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