RealCommunityOnline Classified Ads

The RealCommunityOnline Classified Ads is the place to sell things!

Post your merchandise or a job bank.

Classified Ads are familiar to everyone, and they are a part of RealCommunityOnline because they enhance the capabilities of any organization to serve its members.

You can post a description, as well as any number of photos for each ad.  Expiration of the posting can be chosen by the poster, and the poster can choose to delete the ad before it expires.  The length of the description is unlimited and the number of photos that may be posted is also unlimited.  Photos will be automatically resized to fit the computer screen, and thumbnails for each photo will be displayed in the listing.

We do not offer financial processing for classified ads; that is up to the poster of the listing and the buyer to handle themselves.

An unlimited number of categories for postings may be specified.

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