RealCommunityOnline Membership Directory

Put your Membership Directory online with RealCommunityOnline

Make it easy for your members to contact each other

The Membership Directory is organized by household surname and can optionally contain a photo of the family or individuals in the household.  Photos are scaled to fit three-across.  Phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdays for each household member are shown in the directory.  Only members can view the directory, but any member can add or update their own entry.

The RealCommunityOnline Memberhip Directory feature allows you to publish a directory maintained by your membership, and is therefore completely up-to-date.  Members can also print the directory, if they wish.

The Directory feature also includes support for dues.  If you wish to collect dues from your members online using your Paypal™ account, we can provide an online form to do that as well as document the accounting.

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