Data Integrity

Your data is safe and backed-up

You own your data, and RealCommunityOnline keeps it private for you

You own your data and are entitled to a copy of it anytime you wish.  We guarantee that your data will not be revealed to anyone else, that it will never be sold, traded, or used by anyone outside your organization.  The customers of RealCommunityOnline can only see their own data, and do not have access to other customers' data.

Your data is held in a relational database hosted by RealCommunityOnline and is backed-up continuously twenty-four hours a day.  There are no down-times for backup.  Your data includes any photos that you may have placed in the Photo Gallery or attached to publications.  Should you wish to discontinue service with RealCommunityOnline, your data will be immediately made available to you in a zip archive.

We cannot guarantee that there will never be service outages, as experience has taught us that servers crash and Internet connections go down.  We can, however pledge that we use the most robust and fail-safe hardware and software available in current technology.

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