RealCommunityOnline Mailing List

The RealCommunityOnline Mailing List Manager

Send email to all your members, including attachments.  Compose as many different mailing lists as necessary.

RealCommunityOnline features a mailing list manager.  Your designated mailing list administrator can build any number of mailing lists for different uses.  Mailing lists can even be imported from other applications, like Outlook™ or Thunderbird™.  Any application that can produce a list of email addresses can be used to generate a mailing list for RealCommunityOnline.

Mailing list postings may be text-only or a combination of text and binary attachments, such as photos and documents.  An infinite number of attachments are supported (but limited by the maximum message size imposed by mail servers), and the binary file formats are limited only by the mail reading applications used by your members.  We do recommend that you limit your use of attachments, however, and use either the Gallery or Online Publications for your binary files to minimize the size of emails sent to members.

Mailing list postings are also saved and indexed by RealCommunityOnline, so that your members not wishing to receive email may still peruse the postings online with their browsers.

The email is transmitted from our RealCommunityOnline server, and bounced emails (email messages that are not accepted by your member's mail server) are reported back to your administrator.

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