RealCommunityOnline Options

Set the RealCommunityOnline options for your members

You can modify the Options to change the theme and set options most suitable for your members

The Options for RealCommunityOnline allow you to tailor your site to look the way you want it to look and to function best for your members and administrators.


This option determines whether postings by members go online automatically, or must be approved by an administrator to be visible to members.

Splash Image

You can upload the image for your RealCommunityOnline home page, and it will be scaled to fit the screen.


You can allow or disallow any member to be an administrator for a single feature or any feature in RealCommunityOnline. The features for administration are: administration, announcements, calendar, classifieds, directory, forum, gallery, mailing list, polls, and publications.


You can add facilities (rooms, buildings, etc.) for your events and even upload a photo of the facility.  Calendar events may then be assigned to a facility.


You can select from the various themes to change the colors and buttons of your site to make it a better transition from your existing site.


You can choose to (once a year) add the holidays for the upcoming year to your calendar.  The holidays sets are:  United States, Canada, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim.


Members can change their password, email address, given name.

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