RealCommunityOnline Publications

Put your publications online with RealCommunityOnline

Publish in common computer formats and place your publication online

You no longer need to print documents for your members.  Publish them in common computer formats with RealCommunityOnline so that your members can view them and print them if they wish.  You could save your organization a lot of money this way.

You could use Adobe Acrobat™, or a word processor, like Microsoft Word™ to compose your publication, adding images and a table of contents, if necessary.  Then use RealCommunityOnline to upload the document to your site on RealCommunityOnline where it will be indexed and made available to all your members.

RealCommunityOnline places no restriction on the format of your document, but for reasons of security, executable programs are not allowed (this means no-one can publish a virus).  You can add an expiration date for the document if you want it to be automatically deleted after a suitable period.

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