Your data is safe with RealCommunityOnline

We take extraordinay precautions to protect your data

We do not publish the specifications for our hardware and software because that provides information that can be used by hackers to invade a site.  Our servers are housed in a locked cabinet in a secure data center for which card-key access is necessary.

Our servers are firewalled against unauthorized break-ins.  Only our employees have the ability to modify the server.  Our customers financial data (for those customers who pay with credit cards) is encrypted, and only the owners of RealCommunityOnline have the password.

Your members' accounts are identified by their email address and a password of their determination.  Passwords that do not meet a minimum level of security or are too similar to their email addresses are not allowed.  This irritates many users, but we find it a small price for the security it provides.

All site actions of significance are logged, and the logs can be reviewed at any time by your administrators or by our support personnel.  Postings to forums, mailing lists, changes to member profiles, and basically any changes to your data are not possible in secret.

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